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The Primary Role of the Indonesian Diaspora in the Context of Indonesia

The Primary Role of the Indonesian Diaspora in the Context of Indonesia's Long Term Development @america is a one-of-a-kind American Cultural Center where visitors can use technology to explore, experience, and express their thoughts about the United States in fresh and exciting ways. As a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta ... [play]

SDN Karangmojo III, GunungKidul

Karangmojo II Elementary School is located in Village Karangmojo, Paliyan Sub District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The school has 6 classrooms and about 111 students (from grade 1 to grade 6), with total only of 10 teachers and staff. The school has not had any computers that can be used for students. Gunung Kidul, which means South Hills in ... [play]

Declaration - Congress of Indonesian Diaspora

Declaration - Congress of Indonesian Diaspora, Los Angeles, July 8, ... [play]

IDF Status 2012

Indonesian Diaspora Foundation(IDF). http://www.IndonesianDiasporaFoundati.... This video provides an overview of what happened with the IDF as of 2012 12 22. IDF was one of the four organizations formed as a result of Congress Indonesian Diaspora (CID). CID is the brainchild of Ambassador Pak Dr. Dino Djalal. CID is a forum to ... [play]

Congress of Indonesian Diaspora 2012

Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) will be held on July 6th to 8th 2012 in Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California. It will mark as a historic and very important event as it will be the first Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in the World. The event is hoped to reflect a new paradigm for millions of Indonesian diaspora ... [play]